There is one thing to be said about buying good quality electrical ‘white’ goods these days.  They offer a very wide range of options – and they need to be compared against several others in your price range.  I had this very scenario last year – my much relied upon washing machine gave up the ghost, not too surpirsing after being installed some 22 years prior.   I liked the simplicity and the very state of the art options available back then.  There was the mini wash cycle for just a couple of urgent things;  the washer also drew in hot water straight from my domestic hot water tank that I was already paying for the boiler to heat up.  However it began to stop draining out fully after each wash and after a couple of weeks away from home, I would return to be greeted by smelly stale water build up.   I threw in the towel and bought a super new machine.  I am absolutely thrilled with it.  The wash quality is superb on all the options I’ve tried.  It doesn’t have a mini load as such, but the delicates wash is not too long.  It only takes in cold water which apparently is industry standard these days.  But it was the best homeware item I have bought for years!

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