There cannot be many families who have not thought about changing the way they hand out gifts.  The Christmas thing is too well established to mess around with established practices.  However many extended families agree that instead of small individual presents, putting an equivalent amount of money in the pot and taking everyone away for a glorious inter-generaional family jaunt realy is effective at keeping everyone  involved.  Grandmas and grandpas jostle with younger siblings and their parents to stay en masse at a french chateau or take over a choice communal camping field.   This sort of giftware to the family is becoming very popular and there are some magnificent sites dotted around this country, particularly in the hotspots such as Isle of Wight or Isle of Man and thousands of locations in between.   The price of these ‘get on with it yourself’ holidays is quite reasonable – and  so much better for the host in every way, to have ready made entertainment by way of other campers setting up their temporary shelter or luxe latest model tent with all the aplumb they could easily muster.