Oh my goodness what a topsy turvey year we’ve had, after such a hopeful summer last year.  It will always be the same when there are national emergencies that require robust restrictions to contain them.  In our current situation that is a pandemic that just keeps evolving and stopping us from picking ourselves up and starting all over.  However, there is light at the end of this tunnel and now is definitely the time to go for the giftware and homewares big time.    If you have a relative who;s suffered more loneliness or bereavement through this period, what could be nicer than to send someone a lovely bouquet, potted plant or some piece of special homeware that you know would complement an existing set for example.  So many folk have been directly affected by the pandemic and lockdowns – shops and businesses aswell as families and friends.  Now is definitely the time to heal the mind and body with a really thoughtful gesture.