When we think of homewares, do we actually think about how easy it will be to use for either we, the buyer, or for the person we are maybe gifting it to?   I am thinking here of the many thousands of fantastic kitchenware items that at one time would have just been purchased for the purpose of producing a tasty, healthy and satisfying meal for the family.  However nowadays there is a great push towards sustainability and trying to reduce items in the previous quest for replacing everything as soon as a new, shinier one comes along.   Cookware is a prime example of this as there are a fantastic range of suppliers of beautifully made and thus expensive oven to table wares like crockpots and slow cookers, casserole puts with and without lids.   The ceramic roasters have also made a comeback of late.   The ovenwares are much of a muchness for purpose, after all, a casserole is the same as a crockpot, but different names means more choice.  I have just invested in a fairly high priced ‘instant pot’ and it has indeed revolusionsed my life.  I bought it as a gift to myself and what seemed an indulence has paid for itself many times over as it saves so much energy to use as gas hobs and electric ovens use a lot more units than a counter top instant pot.