Just when you sit and relax in the last of the summer sunshine and bask in a little of the indian summer heat, it is jolly difficult to contain thoughts to the critical job of the  year – buying the best Christmas and New Year presents for friends and family.  The most discerning of these would be most likely, Grandma, Wife, Children, in that order.

It can be a worrying time, if there are lots of very fussy folk to be catered for.  The days of Dad helping to make a doll’s carry cot out of a disused shoe box, covering it with stickby backed plastic and helping Mother to make the necessary cot sheets, blankets and the doll’s clothes, are very much over.  Sadness accompanies this realisation!  However, not everything about new style present buying is a problem.  It is so easy these days to choose the right gift using an online gift supplier.