Chatting this morning to the kiddies who live next door – I discover they’d just returned from their ‘main’ summer holiday – a week’s all inclusive in Ibiza.  Apparently they’re expecting to go away again before the beginning of the next school term.   The kiddies were highly excited and said everything was fab,  the flight over there were ‘awesome’, the food was nice and the hotel had a really huge swimming pool with lots of ice cream and they played with thousands of new friends . . . . .  Mind  you when speaking to their dad, he said the children had been a nightmare on both flights, especially homebound and they hadn’t eaten a thing from the endless buffets. Very strange!

One thing that did go brilliantly was the online shopping delivery yesterday before they arrived home.  All they needed to get going again.  I took the goods into the house and stashed it in logical homes.  Even had dinner organised for this evening!