I look through many magazines for inspiration when I need to get giftware – we buy some very colourful heavywight ‘coffee table’ numbers on subscription and they adorn our sitting room, adding a touch of elegance and suggestion that someone in our abode has a high regard for the nice things in life.   At one time I used to ask our daughter if she knew what her mum wanted for christmas or birthdays – very often the hints would have been dropped in my hearing but I suffer from husband deafness – only hearing the price tag rather than the object, but now that we are without the offspring living here, I rely on Madam dropping heavier hints by way of popping sticky notes next to photos in these magazines.   It’s not subtle but it’s effective – and modern magazine articles always show where the article can be bought, web site addresses etc.   It’s so much easier!  These tactics cover giftware and any updates in homewares thought necessary to keep up with latest trends.