Sometimes it can be a real struggle to think of something orginal and/or exciting for that special birthday or anniversary present.   You wander up and down the aisle of your local store – or high street.  Nothing jumps out at you to say ‘buy me, they want me . . .’    If you’re faced with buying for a senior person who can be a little critical or ungracious, take a few minutes to have a really good look around their home – or the bits you have access to, next time you visit.  Are there any tell tale favourite musical choices in the CDs, or do they seem to have collections of cat or dog ornaments / pictures?  These themes can present the ideal solution when you browse some of the wonderful gift online sites.  Start with black cat gifts and hey presto, up will come a fantastic array of ideas from tea towels, cushions, umbrellas, glamorous shawl/scarves . . . . .  problem solved!