Toy Husky is a one of the biggest brand name for a long series of small die-cast toy playable vehicles. They are manufactured by one of the leading toy manufacturer of that time Mettoy Playcraft Pvt. Ltd., the larger Corgi Toys. Toy husky’s most famous toy Corgi juniors, the range was re-branded with some modifications in 1981, and then another toy series called Corgi Rockets of toy husky series was developed to race at competitive the track sets.

The famous Husky toy line, which was firstly introduced in toy world in 1964, was intentionally designed to compete in size with the “2-25 toy series” Matchbox, then a super market leader in small cars. Husky toy cars and trucks were sold at cost, initially offering only at Woolworth stores at a price that the rival. The first famous and most demanding models of toy husky featured light grey one-piece plastic wheels and the branded new chrome-plated tough plastic bases.


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