We’ve certainly had a massive change of weather this last few weeks.  Gone has the bright and usually warm autumn morning – that wonderful slightly misty air on the early walkies.  I love it when the breath starts to turn into steam as the warmth hits the chillier air.  I know where I stand when autumn falls.  Slushing through those piles of leaves in the park.  Now though it is more drab and definitely colder.  The only bright note is the festive season on its way.   As a family we only exchange with the family we spend the holidays with.  The more distant set just send cards.  I therefore give more effort into organising my choices of giftware.  I take care to note in my file what I bought in previous years – not only to save face, but to check they still have this colour scheme or that.  With festive themes, there’s not much change from year to year.  But cheerful giftware spreads a warmth throughout that short period.  Before January creeps in!

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