There has been no let up in the amount of gift buying this last week, that’s for sure.  With the Coronation in full swing, the shops in London have been full of all sorts of memorabilia – some of it is of very lovely quality and actually look fantastic.  I noticed that my nearest local store has also been joining in this frenzy of selling – in the middle aisles of generally haphazard special offers.  Amid the garish selection of bird feeders, rain water collection devices, odd shaped cooking pans etc, were a collection of coronation teapots.  They were beautifully made and in boxes.  Yes, to help celebrate this fantastic occasion, I bought myself one of these dear little white porcelain teapots to help me remember the fantastic day.   Lot of shops have also had tea towels and kitchen linens – I may well try to obtain some of that range too.  I would be thrilled to use a Kingly embossed tea towel and set of oven glioves – oh and of course, a mathing tea cosy for my new pot!