Just as we’re heading towards the Christmas and year end, the possibility of grim weather comes with it.  I’ve never known such changeable climatic conditions – when I was young we knew exactly where we were. Spring brought gusty weather with rain showers but these got warmer as we headed into summer.  The school holidays are remembered through rose tinted spectacles and were defninitely not quite as hot and sunny . . . .  except in 1970 and 1976.   I have always loved autumn – kicking my way through acres of crisp leaf fall as we hurtled towards winter.  Folk are busy buying the christmas present earlier and earlier now.  I have a site where I have a saved list – it reminds me what I bought for each lucky person, going back five years.  There’s always a great choice of gifts and especially homewares for the younger house owning relatives – and I score highly every year with on trend pieces.