As the summer has been and departed, we are left with the reminders of that scorchingly hot period.  so many excessively sunny days!  I am old enough to remember the one onme ’76.  There were water shortages well before the ones introduced this year.  We had to not use hosepipes from early into the crisis and sprnklers were frowned on.  No car washing was not a problem for too many folk.  But I remember after this period, there were many more giftware and homeware ideas that dealt with conserving water in future.  to an xctent that legacy has continued, in that we have far more reservoirs and they do provide for much more water per head of population than ever before.  We need to encourage each other to not waste it.  Any giftware that can do that is well worthy of my consideration.  Young folk surprise me though, they’re supposed to be the ones concerned most about the planet but my neighbour’s lad is first out there with the pressure washer!