Oh how we partied recently.  A relatives was having a shin-dig to celebrate a milestone birthday – the one between 20 and 40.  She’s not a party animal by any stretch of the imagination, and I was amazed when she consented to her partner getting one organised for her.  However, he only did the food side – a lot to sort, as it happens.  The guest list and entertainment matters were dealt with by others.  It gave us the ideal opportunity to gather together a handful of relatives who had gradually dropped off the usual channels of communication – but they’re back on now.

The gift situation for a certain age is not easy to follow.  Most of hers came via dedicated gift sites – everyone is now finding these a fantastic boon and the source of so many inspirational gifts.  The best was a set of pre paid bus and travel tickets together with a ‘travel Britain on a shoestring’ guidebook!