You can imagine how difficult it can be to get presents for a relatives who are the grand old age of 92 and 97.  There can’t be mch left that they haven’t already got at home.  The odd new tea mug or matching cup and saucer is a perennial suggestion as a gift but it pales with use.   The purpose of having glass cabinets for my mother in law was simply to keep the items up off the work top – she was very particular about not having anything interferring with the operational workings of her kitchen.  All homewares were stored in uniform stacks in the lower kitchen cabinets – stuff not used often at the far back and the everyday favourites within very easy reach near the front.  It would really throw her into a quandry if any of us bought a new pie dish for example because she only expected to own one of each type that she needed – for her whole life!  The joys of online shopping and choosing homewares, kitchen and giftware because you just liked them simply washed over her.