It’s very easy to get into the habit of going on line to the biggest warehouse in the universe and just order absolutely anything our heart or houses desire.  The lockdowns over the last couple of years has definitely put a nail in the coffin of the small independent retailer – so many have gone to the wall because they can’t compete for price, availability and certainly not delivery times.   This is a true pity as we will miss them in a year or so when the novelty of same day delivery wears off.  My local pals are constantly bemoaning the demise of two such stores in our own town.  We used to rely heavily on both – one was excellent at homewares, kitchen goods particularly, and gifts.  My word you would be hard pushed to go in that shop and fail to find exactly the gift you needed.  Usually unaware of what you were looking for, it was impossible to exit without something ideal!  The second store was notable for very good labelled clothing.  Nothing trashy or fast fashion here.  Oh why did their leases have to come to an end!!