I’ve had a really busy few weeks since the start of this  year.  There have been a few family matters to attend to aswell as a problem with the garage door . . . .   That turned out to be a fantastic run of activities bu has finally resulted in the house having a wonderful electric sliding up and over door.  We have a little hand held gadget to enable us to drive up to the garage and simply press the top button and up goes the door.  Not overly speedy, 15 seconds apparently, but it’s wonderful to be able to park in garage and unload the car from the comfort of a dry, windless area!  This was particularly useful recently when I needed to buy some speciality giftware – the weather was appalling when I got home and to be able to extricate the glass ornementation from the boot without danger of them being blown out of my hand was marvellous.   I tend to order most of my non grocery shopping online these days.  The homewars on offer in the local stores is pretty absysmal.