It was a wonder sometimes how I managed to get through the year and suddenly it was christmas . . . panic hit me and I’d go round in a wild frenzy of grab and snatch present buying.   This seemed to be the pattern for everything I dealt with in fact.  Despite always admiring a very organised sister in law who has lists of folk to buy for and what she’s bought them for so many christmas’s past.   Anyway, after being very poorly a couple of years ago, in mid October, and thus right when I needed to have sought, bought, wrapped and stored, I really felt too ill to bother.  But the organised s-i-l did me a great favour.  She encouraged me to stop wallowing and to get browsing – this very web site in fact, and I had the most relaxed several gently enjoyable present buying episodes. All delivered to my door and all well within my budget. Eureka!