This time of year is so exciting for every stage of adulthood.  When at the younger end, there are the love tokens and flowers aplenty, leading a little later to weddings and then christenings, hopefully.  When that phase is over, then the sorting out of that forever home comes into play.  This will have the owners in the ever constant routine of every day gardening, decorating, refurnishing.  These life events and pastimes are so crucial to our well being, personally, and to a greater extent, to the wider supply chain community.  Where would our industry be without the constant need to update, upgrade ad reproduce the lounge of a life time or have in our midst that perfect set of  Denby chinawares with matching vegetable terrines and quiche plates.  I do like to sit at a well dressed table when I’m invited to anyone’s for dinner – and I would like them to feel the same when seated at mine.