Whilst we’ve endured a lot of restrictions to our movements of late, it has been rather difficult to think of ways to honour birthdays or anniversaires.  One splendid though is to send flowers – the ones in postal box format are fantastic these days.  No need for anyone to be in the house if the box can be put through the letter box.  They come beautifully wrapped  with little cosies over the rose heads – and special soft cushioning around the other buds.  You pop the whole lot in water for an hour or so to refresh and then follow the enclosed instructions on how to trim and display your stems to advantage.  Some stems need to be cut on a slant, others straight across .  There is always a sachet of flower food to keep them sweet & fed.  One company I’ve used for a couple of years supply excellent guidance and their blooms last at leat 2 weeks, if you carry out the regular top ups and trimming down.