Oh my goodness don’t we have to think about things carefully when buying giftware.  When I was small we used to have birthday presents that came from Woolworths.   Always reliably well made and worked for years.  Today’s children have to be protected from loose buttons, wires whatever.   the age group of the intended recipient has to be borne in mind, should the parent be offended that the  wrong catchment group has been considered.  I do take an interest in a great neice – she’s five and extraordinarily bright.  Buying giftware for her is much more fun now. Having a reading age of 8 or 9 means she can be bought much more interesting books – in fact she’s very good with audible books too.    I bought her some fitted furniture for her new bedroom at Christmas – a much needed chest of drawers and matching ottoman.  She was thrilled and immediately wanted to take the packaging apart to get stuck in and put it together – like a giant Meccano.