It does feel rather odd not being able to just go out and shop or meet a pal for a lunch out.  There are going to be so many business failures as a consequence of the lockdown – fledglings that had literally only just got off the ground will be struggling to keep afloat.   One area that has increased 1000 percent though is online shopping, gifitware and homewares.   There are some fantastic things out there to be had at the click of a mouse button.  I just love looking at magazines that have those edited pages of themed ideas.  In one particularly august periodical of note, they started this idea as soon as colour reproduction was possible – each month they say the lady lovs . . . .  and it will be a whole gammit of beautiful things, maybe a set of water glasses, and below will be completely unconnected, a set of floral drawere sachets and next to that a woolen coat – they’ll all be in a shade or hue of the chosen colur of the month.  That’s the way to promote and advertise your wares – beautifully and with care!