Indeed you are right if you think that sewing knits can sometime really puzzle you and makes it little difficult to sew your favorite design with knit fabric. So here are few tips that will make your task of knitting little easier:

  • Have The Proper Tool: You should buy ballpoint needles and pins which have rounded tip so that you can easily slide between the loops instead of piercing holes in the yarn.
  • Twin Needle: Using two needles side by side gives a very professional looking topstitching as most of the machines also work on twin needles.
  • Let Your Fabric Rest After Washing: It is very essential that after washing your knit fabric you must let it rest for some time before cutting it otherwise it will give you major fitting issue.
  • Avoid Using Scissors for cutting: You can use rotary cutter or self-handling cutting mat but avoid using scissors for cutting your fabric as it will minimize the stretching of your fabric during the cutting process.
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