I have had a most expensive 2022.  Having decided for a new year resolution that I needed to tidy up my kitchen, perhaps improve the state of the old worktop . . . .   Funny how that one thought triggered an entire sunami of activity.  I went in to one of the most famous kitchen show rooms and wooh, my mind was instantly taken over by the incredibly clean and modern ideas.  It’s not really possible to get round a show room without being cornered by very professional sales staff.  The only way out was to book a consultation!  That involves having their surveyor call – simply a bloke with a very hi tech iPad style measuring device.  Anyway, before long I was sat looking at a fantastic design on the cadcam.  It’s so easy to go over the top too.  As I discovered.    I absolutely love my new kitchen and it’s made me enjoy cooking far more than ever before.  I just need a few more implements to bring me up to date of gadgets!