I was searching for a gift for a much loved in-law a few weeks ago.  I’d left it a while because I had been very busy and had not allowed enough time to have a good look round for inspirational ideas.  Its so frustrating when you think about the event but nothing spring to mind.   So I took myself off to the most local garden centre cum farm shop cum boutique et al.  I tend to visit these stores only when abolutely essential to be honest, they seemed pretty full with meandering old aged penioners.  But on this occasion that I needed a gift and that put a bit of pressure on me.   So I whizzed off to the venue and to my amazement found it stocked fully with all sorts of homewares, personal gifts, country clothing and pursuits requisites.  It was fantastic.  In fact I spent so long choosing something , from the huge array of possibilities, I had to be gently ushered along so the centre could close for the night.  But what I bought was just perect.