We all love to think of hot sunny days down by the beach don’t we . . .  well we think we do.  Lately though there has been such an surge in the take up of uk based holidays that the popular beaches are pretty much crowded from dawn until dusk.   The business is needed but the annoyance factor is not so.  Holidays and travel experiences are becoming quite a feature in the giftware market.  This is particularly so with honeymoons and pre wedding get togethers.  Lots of giftware packages are available for the group that want to do exciting – and it has to be said, rather lavish things in advance of the wdding of best chums.  It all seems rather odd to be spending such huge sums of money when homewares of all sorts are usually needed and would last a lifetime of togetherness.   I like going in to shops that deal with homewares.  A feeling of contentment comes over me and I recall younger days!