After months of planning and organising, the summer holidays eventually arrive – the excitement is exactly the same now as it used to be when we were youngsters.  The wonderful freedom of being on the beach, not for us the hot sandy beaches of far off lands.  We used to holiday where the beaches had pebbles – miles and miles of them.  It was always very painful but with ‘jelly’ sandals helping to protect from the worst of the agony, a grand time was had by all.  With the advent of ‘experience’ gifts for all occasions, the simple beach holiday has evolved into villa breaks and safari tours.

The best idea for obtaining gorgeous gifts for the home, garden and family is to register with dedicated online sites which offer the most fantastic ranges.  There will be inspiring gifts for everyone and it is so easy to organise with no hassle, no crowds – just present perfection, and the more we try the better we get.