I had to change my washing machine fairly recently – it was a sad and nearly traumatic situation that I’d been putting off for months.  What first alerted me to major failing in the dearly beloved old one was it’s nasty habit of not draining fully after a washload.  it always looked ok after the final spins and if I was staying at home for several days, I would inevitably be creating a couple of washloads per week.  That was fine, all drained ok.  However when I was away from home for more than a few days I would come home to a washing machine full of old undrained residue – often a a huge puddle of it in the washing drum, all rancid and smelly, where it had been trying to drain out but failing because of some blockage further along.   It wasn’t the sort of installation that made meddling around in the rear pipework an easy task, so it was never sorted.  Thus the  return from a 4 week cruise was met with a particularly stinky atmosphere in the utility !

Enter dutiful daughter who grabbed my iPad and voila, after a couple of selection criteria questions, in an instant, up came the best site for obtaining household electricals.  The next day beautifully new & shiny washer was delivered, installed and tested.   Simples!

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