Having enjoyed a super family holiday away cruising around the caribbean, it is so hard to think of the winter time that has hit us like a brick.   We now need to gear up for christmas and all the present and gift buying – what to get the chaps who seem to have everything and mother in law. . .  ditto!  So the best idea for me is to go on gift selection sites and check out various sectors – they do have an amazing selection of ideas and products that normally never enter my head.  I have a chum who never buys anything without consulting her online gift crystal ball.   There are consultants out there who can do much the same but at a hefty premium.  the online masrketing sites are much better these days and everything should be returnable if it doesn’t look like the advertisement or looks as though it won’t meet the brief.   Buying with a credit card also helps by protecting the buyer with returns policy.