When we think of giftware, there is everyone’s most unloved present, the gift voucher.  I personally like these as I can choose exactly what I want, instead of receiving something rather ghastly and not at all fitting in with my household or wardrobes.   At least when you receive a valid gift card or voucher, the supplier will usually be known to you and as far as I’m concerned, they wll give the customer a really good welcome.  I was bought a season ticket for a local garden and I absolutely love being able to visit at any time they are open.  This is the gift that continues to give for as long as a full year, I can take a good look around the woodland gardens, the meadows, gorgeous floral borders and shrubberies.   These days, all such venues feel obliged to open a coffee shop, or even better, a small restaurant.  Now this is a double edged sword – one likes to visit the garden, but then the interest in the flora and forna diminishes much more quickly than at a venue with no such facility !

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